Dear Sunset Wine Cruise Guest,


It is so exciting to present the next part of your vacation planning – air! The roundtrip airfare from Oceania gateways to Barcelona and return from Nice are included in your cruise fare (unless you have already opted for a credit in lieu of airfare). If you are not planning to add a pre, post or extend your trip in any way, you do not need to do anything. The cruise line will assign your air approximately 45 days prior to departure. We do ask that you verify the spelling of your name, and check it against your valid, current passport (which is required) as it is mandatory that they match exactly.


Air Deviations:

If you wish to enjoy a pre or post package, request specific flights or extend your air, this is called an Air Deviation Request. Oceania Cruises is happy to offer air deviations for a non-refundable fee of $175 per person. Please note that this is not per deviation, but per request; so as long as you make all your requests at one time, that is considered one request. The deviation fee is not charged until you accept an air schedule. Once you accept the air schedule, any subsequent changes will result in an additional fee. In most cases Oceania is able to accommodate requests for alternate dates, air carriers, routing and city pairs.  For example you may wish to fly on United via Frankfurt to Barcelona, arriving 3 days early or perhaps you wish to fly in to Barcelona for the pre-package, but return from Rome instead of Nice a week later.


Air Differential fee:

On occasion, the request you submit, may not fall within the parameters of Oceania’s air contract. In such a case Oceania will reply with an offer for an Air Differential fee. You can then choose to modify your request or to accept the modest fee.


Below you will find a link to the air deviation request form. Here are a few things to assist you in your request.

If you are not particular about the specific flight and carrier, you can simply ask for the city pairs and date – specifying that you are looking for ONLY flights with no air differential. Or, if you have very specific flights in mind, feel free to request them. Most airfares booked with a cruise line are not upgradable with miles. The actual tickets will be issued 45 days prior to sailing. If you need to have your tickets issued early for a special reasons (purchase of extra leg room seats for example), this would require early final payment. Should you need to do this please contact us for assistance.


Link to Air Deviation Request Form


We look forward to assisting you!


The Sunset Team at Expedia CruiseShipCenters