Don’t just take our word for it…

•Working with Brian Murphy at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers was an absolute delight. He really understands the winery’s point of view, and makes every effort to ensure that our customers get the very best experience on his cruises. He gave them personal service at every step, and that allowed me to really focus on our guests and the wine—he took care of everything else. The proof was in the last night on board ship—after a week of extraordinary adventures and experiences in Alaska, I asked the wine club members what their favorite memory of the week was. Every single one said that the wines were the real highlight! Paul Wagner, President, Balzac Communications & Marketing

•“On the cruise I witnessed consumers forming deep connections with the winery principals on board. We teach about the importance of experiences in our wine business curriculum and you truly see that on the ship. People not only taste the wine and hear the story. They spend a week with people that they usually only read about, enhancing their loyalty to the brand and deepening their relationships with the people behind the brand.” Ray Johnson, Director,Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute

•For those of you who have not had the opportunity to participate in Brian Murphy’s Expedia CruiseShipCenters-North Bay wine cruises, you are missing a great new opportunity to highlight your wines, meet a very diverse group of wine lovers, and explore some beautiful parts of the world. What more could you ask? Not only did ALL of the participants buy wine after the cruise, they continue to be loyal wine buyers to this day. And with their companionship, I discovered the stunning vistas of Alaska’s rugged coast, majestic glaciers, dense forests, and towering totems. Thanks Brian for including us in this magic moment! Sheldon Richards, Winemaker, Paloma Vineyard