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Mick Schroeter, Winemaking Director of Sonoma-Cutrer

Winemaking is often a trade passed down from generation to generation, and Mick Schroeter is no exception. After a brief period at Kaiser Stuhl, Mick followed in his father and uncle’s footsteps when he was reunited with them at the Penfold Winery in 1982. With his love and passion for winemaking, he rose rapidly within the Penfold Winery, and later accepted a position as Vice President of Winemaking at Geyser Peak Winery in California where he remained for 17 years. His long track record of success and illustrious career in Australia and California, along with twice being named “Winemaker of the Year” at the London International Wine & Spirit Competition, have given Mick the knowledge and experience to take the reins as Winemaking Director at Sonoma-Cutrer.